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First impression decoded

June 20th, 2010 Posted in Girl's Clothing Tags: , ,

I was doing a grocery shopping yesterday. Typically I’m doing that once in a week and not on weekends, but yesterday it was an exception. While moving slowly I heard a toddler girl was screaming almost constantly. After about twenty minutes of the concert I was seriously annoyed. No, it was not only one toddler in the store, and those sometimes screamed too, but this one was exceptionally vocal. “Wow, I have to see what’s going on” I said to myself. About three minutes later I found the girl and her mom and dad. My heart flipped at that moment. She was dressed so good so I momentarily thought “Hey, tantrums come and go, but look at this dress!”. I couldn’t tell that the girl’s parents did not try to stop the issue, they did their best. Probably it was just a bad day. But yeah, I did not realize that the first impression is so important, and a big part of it is how you’re dressed.


Janie and Jack birthday sizing

May 29th, 2010 Posted in Boy's Clothing, Girl's Clothing Tags: , ,

Janie and Jack makes really cute birthday T-shirts for toddlers. The sizing is funny and very logical. If it’s “3″ on the front, the size available is 3T only. I want one but my girl is taller than she should be for her age. Why not do it in an unified 2T-4T size, so everyone can enjoy it? It should be ok, it’s a T-shirt for a toddler, not a custom-fitted red carpet dress.

Bag Borrow or Steal

May 27th, 2010 Posted in Accessories, Bags, Opulent! Tags: ,

Registered on Bag Borrow or Steal two weeks ago. Like the idea, but cannot unsubscribe now.

Idea seemed nice to me, to rent a nice couture bag for an even or some time. It turns out that it’s pretty expensive. Here are numbers. You can borrow a nice Chanel bag for about $170 per event, or about $1300 for three-month period. There are some freebies with that, for example, free $150 damage insurance and free return. Get real, to get a full use of your big bucks over three-month you’ll want to use the eye-candy often. Will it look like “used” after that? Probably yes. You’ll have to pay for cleaning and repair. I’d better get a nice savings account and put some money there. First, there will be interest in my favor, second, the bag will be mine at the end, and third, I won’t have to worry about cleaning and repair unless stains make my bag less loved.

The funniest thing I found was Coach Daphne Flower Cuff rental. It is beautiful, no doubts, and will cost you only $40 per month. Is it a good deal? It goes for $198 for you to have it forever in Coach on-line store. So it’s your choice now, have it for five month or forever. Anyways, I got the idea and wanted to opt-out. They tend to send me emails almost daily and it is my “real” email (it is stupid!).

To opt-out from the emails you have to enter your name, email and an optional note. You’ll get the following then “Unsubscribe requests take 7 to 10 days to process from the date of the request.”. There is also no option to delete your registration record. Ok, I’ll be happy to see more beautiful bags that won’t be mine for a reason. They also have not a bad rating on BBB, so if you really need an opulent bag for an event, you are super careful person and you don’t want the bag after the event, it’s a way to go. Otherwise, it’s not that reasonable money-wise.

ps. That Coach Daphne collection, isn’t it pretty? Here is the ring

Rise and fall of the user experience

May 8th, 2010 Posted in Bags Tags: ,

I was quite busy with the Moms day shopping, so I did not have time for myself. Today, however, I found that I want something and checked a few favorite stores.

There were a few bags (hey, you cannot have too many bags!), but the ones I liked got the price tag over $300, which is out of my budget after the Mothers day. But I needed a gift for myself. Viola, Anthropologie got a cute Knotted Satchel with a very big leather bow on it. I fall for bows lately, and the eye-candy goes for $78, so let’s make the deal.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

On the checkout form the whole thing went frozen for good 30 seconds calculating shipping and taxes for my location. Should it really be so long for two-three multiplications (two for taxes and one for shipping if it’s done by weight?) and one final addition? During those seconds I mentally went through my closet. Do I need another fabric bag? How will I clean it? It looks good, but it’s only for summer and it’s pretty demanding. Do I have an outfit for it? Meanwhile, the checkout form appeared and presented the grand total. Full price for shipping and taxes. It adds up! I need to check this one again! So I clicked on the Knotted Satchel link in the form in front of me and my Firefox crashed with all other windows opened. This was the answer, I didn’t need that bag.

My credit card feels better now, and I feel like I saved not only the money for the bag but also time for matching the cutie. But I cannot stop thinking about my user experience. I’m very experienced in on-line shopping and of course I can do that failed checkout either by not clicking elsewhere but “Confirm the transaction”, or do it from the scratch using a different browser. But yeah, if I wasn’t given the time to think at the checkout, I would buy it.