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Juicy Couture Limited Edition Embellished Puzzle Cube

Oh my, this one is an Universal Gift. It’s good for him because it will show him that you have a witty sense of humor. It’s good for her because it will entertain her and accessorize her. It’s good as a teen gift, it will show them that there are funny stuff from their parents’ past. Or you can show it to your baby, the colors and sparks will amuse them.

Juicy Couture at ShopStyle

Wonderful time of the year

I love and hate winter. The air is too cold, you have to drive slower because of the weather conditions, etc. But hey, here is is the sweet part ;) Biggest sales and biggest holidays season of the year is just around the corner. Do I have to think about projects to finish? Yeah, but I’ busy looking at tiered dresses for girls.

Toddler Rain Outerwear

I’m used to get lots of stuff in advance when I cannot resist sales or look. For example, I have Gap jean overalls in two sizes, just in case I’ll pick up on weight or decide to go for a loose fit :) This time I’m not ready for a rainy fall yet. I, for sure, hope for a fewer rainy days, but my toddler doesn’t. So I’d better to get ready sooner.

So you think it’s all about fall now?

July 16th, 2010 Posted in Women's Shoes Tags: , , , ,

So you think it’s all about fall collections now? Big summer sales are close to the end, and fall preview collections hit the stores long time ago. True for many, but not for all! Look at those Coach clogs, I’m sure thy are good for now too.

ps. Heel size is so comfortable for the hottest season of the year. Not that high, but not that low like they are stolen from your grandma closet.