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Gap swimwear

June 28th, 2010 Posted in Girl's Clothing Tags: , ,

I love Gap not only for changing their collections often, but for making at least one outstanding piece every time I promise myself to stop spending money in their stores ;) This time it’s a toddler girl one-piece swimwear. What a color splash!

Gap at ShopStyle

First impression decoded

June 20th, 2010 Posted in Girl's Clothing Tags: , ,

I was doing a grocery shopping yesterday. Typically I’m doing that once in a week and not on weekends, but yesterday it was an exception. While moving slowly I heard a toddler girl was screaming almost constantly. After about twenty minutes of the concert I was seriously annoyed. No, it was not only one toddler in the store, and those sometimes screamed too, but this one was exceptionally vocal. “Wow, I have to see what’s going on” I said to myself. About three minutes later I found the girl and her mom and dad. My heart flipped at that moment. She was dressed so good so I momentarily thought “Hey, tantrums come and go, but look at this dress!”. I couldn’t tell that the girl’s parents did not try to stop the issue, they did their best. Probably it was just a bad day. But yeah, I did not realize that the first impression is so important, and a big part of it is how you’re dressed.


Live green, reuse your designer ideas

June 16th, 2010 Posted in Accessories, Opulent! Tags: , ,

I like (almost) everything Marc Jacobs is doing. But sometimes he reuses his own ideas so often, so I’m (almost) ready to complaint and switch. For example, he’s recreating new mice ballet flats every season. I love them, but I already own two pairs, so just stop selling them, I want to be unique ;) . Well, mice are so cute, I cannot blame him for this.

Anyway, his Bow wow wow Anabella series that include rings, pendants, studs, bangles and necklaces was a big hit this summer. Therefore, of course, there is a new, slightly fancier Bow wow wow Anabella fall 2010 version. Like with mice ballet flats, I want to blame but I cannot resist buying it.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Bow Wow Wow Anabella Ring Fall 10 (Seedpearl) - Jewelry Marc by Marc Jacobs - Bow Wow Wow Anabella Double Wrap Necklace (Seedpearl) - Jewelry Marc by Marc Jacobs - Bow Wow Wow Anabella Studs Fall 10 (Rosie) - Jewelry Marc by Marc Jacobs - Bow Wow Wow Anabella Ring Fall 10 (Rosie) - Jewelry Marc by Marc Jacobs - Bow Wow Wow Anabella Studs Fall 10 (Seedpearl) - Jewelry

Just in time for Dad’s day

June 10th, 2010 Posted in Houseware Tags: ,

I think I found a perfect gift for him. It’s Handpresso Wild 16-Bar Hand-Pump Portable Espresso Machine. First, it will make him a perfect espresso on the go. All he needs is an espresso coffee pod, hot water and his hands power. Second, he can use it everywhere. Third, he can tell his friends that he easily does 16-Bar hand pressure, it will give him (and you ;) ) some points. Forth, it’s 30% off now. You can buy just a device or a nice gift set that includes the espresso machine, 4 cups, 2 napkins, flask w/ thermometer and a nice case.