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First impression decoded

June 20th, 2010 Posted in Girl's Clothing Tags: , ,

I was doing a grocery shopping yesterday. Typically I’m doing that once in a week and not on weekends, but yesterday it was an exception. While moving slowly I heard a toddler girl was screaming almost constantly. After about twenty minutes of the concert I was seriously annoyed. No, it was not only one toddler in the store, and those sometimes screamed too, but this one was exceptionally vocal. “Wow, I have to see what’s going on” I said to myself. About three minutes later I found the girl and her mom and dad. My heart flipped at that moment. She was dressed so good so I momentarily thought “Hey, tantrums come and go, but look at this dress!”. I couldn’t tell that the girl’s parents did not try to stop the issue, they did their best. Probably it was just a bad day. But yeah, I did not realize that the first impression is so important, and a big part of it is how you’re dressed.


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