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Toddler Rain Outerwear

I’m used to get lots of stuff in advance when I cannot resist sales or look. For example, I have Gap jean overalls in two sizes, just in case I’ll pick up on weight or decide to go for a loose fit :) This time I’m not ready for a rainy fall yet. I, for sure, hope for a fewer rainy days, but my toddler doesn’t. So I’d better to get ready sooner.

Northface Girls fleece jacket

Oh my, I love this one and it’s so appropriate right now. I don’t know how good it’s in your place, but it’s only +13C here.

Sizes start from XXS (good for 4-5 years old) and go all through XL (good for 16-18 years old), so I can get this one for myself and for my little one. The only concern is the sleeve length for me, I’ll see how good it will be. Women’s fleece hoodie goes for almost the same price, but the colors are better in kid’s version. On the other hand, women’s version is made of so called ’silky fleece’. There is a classic boy’s version too.

some like it hot too

Yes, they have it for toddlers and big kids in exactly the same color, vivid violet. Oceania blue for boys looks good as well. Sizes start from 3/4 (toddler) and go up to XL 14 (big kids). If you’re a size 0, you can fit in it yourself, just watch for sleeve length. Good thing is that the jacket is on sale, bad is that it’s a fleece jacket, not the shiny waterproof fabric thing they have for adults.

out of sync, out of sight

Last December I got a nice, hot and stylish Canada Goose Expedition parka in black from Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Canada. I liked it so much (hey, who wouldn’t when it was minus 15C outside!) so I decided to get it in red too. My reasoning was the following: it’s good for every day use, coyote fur kind of adds some flirting sense to it, but black is so classic, I want to get the same quality thing but in different color. For this particular model I remembered bright red and shiny steel in almost every size in store. But remember, I decided it almost two months later. Of course, they didn’t have the parka in store. Moreover, they did not have the entire fur and winter coats section in store at the end of January because spring styles just arrived.

Canada Goose at ShopStyle

Canada Goose business model is the same that for any other upscale merchandise, it never goes on sale. They also have the same models over and over again every season, adding only different colors and some limited-edition versions every year. Why not sell it all-year-round? Ok, I want too much, but what’s the reason to stop selling it in January? I may want a new winter coat till the end of winter, may be till the end of March. Sure, I enjoy to see what I’ll get in spring and summer before the seasons come, especially if the palette is appealing (read ‘no dark hues, no office style, lots of silk and linen’), but I cannot wear it now. Don’t get that model, ‘buy now, wear later’.

The story ended happily, I got the second one on-line. You can jump on the bandwagon on-line now, when the normals outside range from plus 3C to plus 13C and you, your kid or partner need some outerwear. Happy hunting tho, not every size is available. But there are sales ;)

Patagonia at ShopStyle