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bow wow wow (2)

May 11th, 2010 Posted in Bags, Opulent! Tags: , ,

I like this one. It’s an investment piece, look here. First, it’s a neutral color and a patent leather. Second, it’s good for work and off work. Third, it’s got two big bows on it. Forth, it’s good for every season. Fifth, it’s a Moschino bag! And sixth, it’s 45% off. Plus, you’ll get free two-day shipping and free return shipping. I hope my financial advisor is convinced.

Poppy dress

May 5th, 2010 Posted in Women's Clothing Tags: , ,

Dasha Zhukova and Christina Tang founded their ‘anti-jean jeans’ company in 2006. It was all about style without a fixed description and pointing out what should be worn and done to become ’stylish’. Founders are influenced by their surrounding cities, Moscow and London for Dasha and Los Angeles and China for Christina. Can you see Moscow and Los Angeles in this one? ;)

Kova And T at ShopStyle

Don’t lose your chains

Don’t lose your chains, get a good use of ‘em!

This is my first look when all the pieces are key pieces. Platform Flower Wedge by Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, and the denim dress by Stella McCartney make my heart go faster. And don’t forget about the bow hat, Annick Goutal perfume and the glasses.

ps. I’m sure your mom will be happy to borrow your perfume, Annick Goutal is ageless.