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Toddler Rain Outerwear

I’m used to get lots of stuff in advance when I cannot resist sales or look. For example, I have Gap jean overalls in two sizes, just in case I’ll pick up on weight or decide to go for a loose fit :) This time I’m not ready for a rainy fall yet. I, for sure, hope for a fewer rainy days, but my toddler doesn’t. So I’d better to get ready sooner.

endless 20% off coupon

If you want something from endless, including men, women and kids shoes and accessories, there is a store wide coupon code. From 5/18 thru 5/20, enjoy 20% off everything with code MYFRIEND. * Restrictions apply: Click here.

ps. Here is what I’ll be getting today.

Sales! Sales!

Hooray, summer is just around the corner and sales hit the stores big time. Stella McCartney for kids is on sale already after being in stores only 3+ weeks. That’s pretty fast I must admit. Her first collection went on sale after two full months of full price presence. So if you didn’t get the Tiger or the Superhero Ts for your kids it’s just the right time to do so, although not all sizes are available.

crazy8 ships internationally

Crazy8 finally ships outside the USA. More parents in more countries will have a chance to dress their brood in less expensive version of Gymboree from now on. There are no Crazy8 offline stores in Canada, for example. New collection is good, all green, blue, cream and orange.