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Does it look familiar to you?

May 14th, 2010 Posted in Women's Clothing Tags: , ,

Does it look familiar to you? No, it’s not the last year’s Stella’s collection for Gap Kids for starters. Is this the same designer? No, it’s 2010 Stella McCartney for Adidas dresses *and* Torn By Ronny Kobo Crystal Zebra and Walking tiger.
Sometimes I think that clothes designers think like electronics and PCs makers. “Does it compile? Does it show splash screen? Ship it!”. If something works good, let’s change a few details here and there and ship it to mass market. If something works for one maker, will work for others too. There are some positives, tho. You can get a hot trend for any price tag suitable for your budget. But what if I want something different? Boo! Wait for the next year ;)

Update: More like this

Don’t lose your chains

Don’t lose your chains, get a good use of ‘em!

This is my first look when all the pieces are key pieces. Platform Flower Wedge by Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, and the denim dress by Stella McCartney make my heart go faster. And don’t forget about the bow hat, Annick Goutal perfume and the glasses.

ps. I’m sure your mom will be happy to borrow your perfume, Annick Goutal is ageless.