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Collier ras de cou cordon Atiku Sends Message To Nigerians Ahead Of New Year bracelet femme or 2015-forsining montre bracelet homme-shejam

Atiku Sends Message To Nigerians Ahead Of New Year The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in boucles d’oreille auchan the 2019 election, Atiku Abubakar, has described 2019 as the year of struggle and strive for Nigerians. In boucles d’oreille diamant noir a statement he personally signed on Tuesday, Atiku said that Nigeria is still grappling with economic instability, with more people losing jobs and more children leaving boucles d’oreille pompon bleu marine school. He added that Nigerians faced great insecurity, unemployment, economic hardship and other challenges in 2019. He called for collaborative efforts of all stakeholders to get Nigeria out of its current challenges. Atiku called for a deliberate effort to improve the material wellbeing of the people, by lifting millions of Nigerians out of extreme poverty. He said, “The coming of the New Year 2020 is symbolic in many ways. First, boucles doreilles colorees style europeen retro personnalite boucles doreilles creatives pour it heralds a brand new decade. coque samsung Secondly, and probably more important, is that this New Year will require us all to stay together more than ever before to take on, head front, the common enemy of insecurity that challenge our everyday lives boucles d’oreille isabel marant as Nigerians. coque huawei “I do not share the sentiment when some people nouveau 2019 boucles doreilles a la mode simple imprime leopard pour femmes couleur argent or grand claim that the outgone 2019 was a boucles d’oreille dragon successful year for Nigerians. Such sentiments is reductionist and does the harm of nouveau 925 en argent sterling grande oreille nez elephant longues boucles doreilles exageration making us have a false sense of victory. “The bitter truth is that Nigeria is still in the boucles d’oreille channel throes of economic instability, with more people losing jobs and the attendant outcome of more children being out of school and more families having hard time in accessing basic needs of life. coque huawei “In this New Year, however, I will rather ask that Nigerians stand together with renewed vigour and boucles d’oreille indiennes determination to battle the boucles d’oreille cluse hydra headed demon of insecurity that has plagued us in the past decade. coque iphone “We must boucles doreilles en opale de feu de marguerite cinily fleur de soleil plaque argent goutte challenge the inadequacies that made us become the global headquarters of extreme poverty; much as we must work hard and fast enough to eliminate the scourge of out of school children in the country. These are the challenges that this new decade has thrown 925 sterling argent boite chaine gland longue goutte boucles doreilles argent vintage simple a la at us and we cannot afford to slumber and submit to defeat. bijoux pas cher “The problems of extreme poverty and scant investments in education play huge roles in fueling the problems of violent extremism that boucles d’oreille macramé we spent the past decade contending with. coque samsung coque huawei We cannot win the fight against terrorism if we do nothing to reduce or eliminate poverty and illiteracy. “The reality of this new decade requires of us to recalibrate our approaches and to pursue some tough choices. coque iphone If failure is not an option, then we must let go of our egos and conveniences. “In this new decade, we must start to do things differently if we are honest about boucles d’oreille navajo our desire for a better and prosperous future. There must be a deliberate effort to improve the material wellbeing of the people, by lifting millions of Nigerians out of the extreme poverty belt at a start, and to prosperity. iphone 11 case coque huawei The government must rethink many of its policies that is sinking boucles d’oreille en italien more people into the abyss of extreme poverty. “It is incumbent on government at all levels to pursue policies that will provide decent housing to the mass majority; put food on the table; provide healthcare and education. We cannot continue to do things the same way and expect a different outcome. It is therefore high time we caused a rejig of economic policies that will promote an expansion of the economy and create jobs opportunities aplenty. coque huawei “At the boucles d’oreille trop lourdes individual level, this boucles d’oreille elfique moment calls for more empathy and sacrifice. coque samsung The New Year and a new decade come with the opportunity to make better impressions in our lives and in the lives boucles d’oreille avion of people around us. “I wish to restate that our collective call for rule of law and our history about the struggle for nouvelle arrivee 925 en argent sterling secteur gland boucles doreilles goutte or bleu zircon democratic rule did not envisage a situation where judicial pronouncements would be worth less than the paper upon which they are rendered. “It is a bad advertisement for the country and its democracy if declarations made by the court are not respected without boucles d’oreille celtiques the executive arm of government agreeing to same. goed hoesje Any democracy is not worth the appellation if boucles d’oreille flamenco the principle of separation of power is not ingrained in it. iphone case In the new year, government should not pretend to be democratic, but rather act according to the fundamentals of a democracy. “Above all, I expect that in the New h et m boucles d’oreille Year there will be a better observance of rule boucles d’oreille creole plaque or of law and greater respect for citizens’ democratic rights. “While we anticipate a change of attitude across board in the new year and new decade, I wish every Nigerian a happy and prosperous 2020.

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