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about favorite breakfast cereal

January 18th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

“Our fans would come into a shop, buy a small bag of caramel crisp, a small bag of cheese corn and then ask for another bag. And then they would combine it themselves as soon as they exited the shop.” Chicagoans call it the “Chicago Mix,” though it’s officially called, “The Garrett Mix.” To this day, it’s their best seller. Tom Bovio came to Garrett a decade ago to manage one of their four shops.

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Let’s talk food for a second. What’s your favorite dish? How about favorite breakfast cereal? And would you choose Swedish Fish, Reeses Pieces or a Nestle Crunch bar?:My favorite dish is chicken, ziti and broccoli from Spinellis. I’m not a huge cereal guy, but when I eat it I prefer Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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Besides changing color, most girls’ uniforms fall into either the sailor style or blazer style look, but sometimes attempts to draw attention to a character just make them stick out for all the wrong reasons. There are truly ugly examples like the puke green uniforms worn in Marmalade Boy (most cosplayers do the show a favor and change it to an emerald shade) or the brown dress paired with an orange sailor style shirt that Ranka wears in Macross F. Then there are this week’s entries that range from the weird to the fanservice laden or just plain nonsensical for day to day wear.6.

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